At Least 9 Killed in attack at Kandahar airbase by Taliban suicide bombers

Taliban suicide bombers stormed the airport on Tuesday, triggering gunfights and explosions. They killed at least two soldiers in Kandahar, the Afghanistan’s second largest city.

It was a major air base which plays a a central role in the years long military campaign in the country, for American military and intelligence forces as well as the Afghan Army. It remained as a home to thousands of troops and contractors from the NATO-led international coalition that maintains a presence there.

The intense fighting,lasted for hours the battle appeared to be over around 11 pm. According to Afghan security official nine people were killed and about 15 wounded, most of them apparently civilian shop owners who had been trapped by the battle. Some of the bodies were badly burned. The official said it was too early to say how many Taliban had been involved.

“It will be known when they all get killed,” he said. “It will be a body count.”

Qari Yusuf Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman, said the insurgents had sent 10 suicide bombers wearing Afghan Army uniforms.

This was the second major assault in a span of 24 hours in the city recognised as the birthplace of the Taliban.