At least 20 times Mario Woods shot in San Francisco, autopsy says

Mario Woods, 26, a black man was killed by police in San Francisco was shot more than 20 times, according to an autopsy report released on Thursday.

The report says at least two shots hit in his head and six hit him in the back. Several wounds on his arms, abdomen, thighs and the report described 17 of them as having a “back to front” trajectory.

The death of Mario Woods in December 2, was captured on mobile phone footage and widely circulated on social media.

The video sparked protests across the city, and prompted a review of the police department’s practices.

The police said he was a suspect in a
stabbing investigation and they found Woods, holding a knife, and blood on his clothes. They said the non-lethal methods of subduing him including pepper spray had not worked.

San Francisco’s police department released a statement on Thursday which says.
“It is difficult for anyone to watch videos of the shooting. Similarly, it is equally as difficult to read the Medical Examiner’s report,” the statement said. “That said, newly released information in the autopsy report appears to corroborate facts gathered by investigators in the aftermath
of this tragic incident.”

The mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee asked the Justice Department to investigate Woods’ death. He said. “In the past few weeks, our city has grappled with a crisis all too common in so many other American cities the dissolution of trust between communities of color and law
enforcement following the death of a young black man shot and killed by police officers.”

Lee wrote. “We want to throw our doors
open, inviting transparency and accountability. We seek answers, not just to the facts of Mr. Wood’s case, but also
answers about how as a police department and a city we can build deeper, stronger trust between law enforcement and
the communities they’re sworn to protect.”

Beyonce’s dancer held up a sign after Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, on Sunday. The sign read “Justice for Mario Woods”. Protesters are calling for the officers resignation.