Learning Urdu language enhances decision making power – Research findings

Hyderabad: Center for Biomedical Research, Lucknow indicated in an article published in International Journal that by studying the Urdu language, the readers get their power of decision making enhanced. By using Urdu words, the minds of users get self-confidence.

The research indicated that the Urdu language is very impressive since its words and its style of writing both casts a very deep impression on the minds of the people.

Mr. Uttam Kumar, senior faculty member, Center for Bio-Medical Research told that in his research it was found that within a stipulated time, languages affect the human mind.

Through imaging technique, he found that by reading Urdu manuscripts, mental growth gets enhanced and it creates the sense of responsibility more.

He also told that by using the Urdu language, the structure of human mind gets changed. This has also been attested by science but now with the presence of this attraction in the Urdu language, its importance gets increased.

Mr. Uttam Kumar in his research also found that how the human mind works when Urdu words are used. His research is very surprising since it is presumed that the Urdu language is very easy but it has now been established that human mind can comprehend even the difficult words of Urdu with ease.

Mr. Uttam Kumar indicated that learning Urdu language is also beneficial to health since its script and words provide speedy growth for the human mind.

–Siasat News