Leaks claim OnePlus 9T won’t be happening this year

Shenzhen: Though OnePlus has been raining smartphone launches this year, things are expected to slow down a fair bit during the upcoming second half of 2021.

According to Mashable, a reliable source has recently claimed that there would be no Oneplus 9T this year.

It’s worth noting that this is the same source that came out last year and revealed that the company wasn’t working on an ‘8T Pro’ variant in order to focus on the 8T, which later came true.

Though the source did not say if OnePlus is opting for a new naming scheme or planning something else, in all likelihood, the OnePlus 9T has been cancelled for good.

The reason for this cancellation is presumably the ongoing chip shortage that’s affecting almost every smartphone brand out there, even though this has not been explicitly stated by the source.

Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and even Apple faced such issues.

OnePlus first started its T series back in 2016 after the success of the OnePlus 3. The idea was to not make consumers wait for the latest technology development for an entire year.

With a potential OP9T on the cards, fans were expecting a high refresh rate LTPO display to be a feature, but perhaps they will have to wait for the OnePlus 10 launch next year.

This new development should come as a disappointment for OnePlus fans who have been eagerly awaiting the 9T.