Leaders with beards join hands immoral: KTR

Hyderabad: Welcoming the congress leader Suresh Reddy and others into the TRS fold at Telangana Bhavan, Minister KT Rama Rao today launched a broadside alleging that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has turned TD as a tail party of the Congress by forging an unethical alliance. He slammed the political parties for adopting dual standards on the polls.

They make tall claims to hold elections tomorrow and we are ready and on other hand, they oppose the elections during a meeting with the EC officials he flayed. The opposition should admit their failure to face the elections to be held soon or a bit later he said.

The Congress deceived the people for decades and NTR launched the TDP to bury it for the welfare of the people and now ironically they are forging an alliance which is unethical he said. These two parties resorted to kill the farmers and people should decide whom they want. Now the elections are ahead in near future two top leaders with beards (Chandrababu and TPCC Chief N Utham Kumar Reddy) are joining hands only to be mocked by others in the state for the elections.

KTR flayed that Utham will not become Gabbar Singh by stating that he will not remove his beard until KCR was dethroned. Probably the barber of Utham will feel for not shaving his beard as people will not worry about it he ridiculed. How can these two parties who looted people for long time will go together to fight against the TRS he retorted. He gave a clarion call to the people to choose whether they want the rule of the TRS for better growth and welfare and give mandate for the opposition parties which looted the people like vultures. KTR said that he was surprised to see that the two arch rivals are getting together to fight against the ruling TRS which is impossible as it enjoys the people support he remarked. The people are not ready to believe in the false promises being made by the opposition parties he said.