Lazy girl’s guide to looking good

Karachi [Pakistan]:If you’d rather sleep an extra hour than spend it on doing your makeup and perfecting your outfit of the day (OOTD), welcome to the lazy girls club!

You want to look good, but don’t want to make an effort? No problem, not all good things are hard to come by.

Read on the find list of easiest ways that you can style yourself, reports the Dawn.

1. Buy Men’s Kurta

Yep! The one from the men’s section. They are loose, comfy, and look effortlessly stylish.

You can choose one from a whole range of colours, and pair it with tights or culottes. Best part- they have pockets!

2. Oversized sunglasses

Who has the time for a concealer ? Definitely not the lazy girl!

Ditch the ordeal, put on a pair of oversized glasses instead, and feel like a nonchalant movie star.

Little reminder- Make sure it’s daytime, and you’re not indoors.

3. Neon bags

Neon is the solution to adding a pop of colour to your look.

Any statement piece has the ability to turn your entire look around, and neon bags are your safest bet for looking trendy.

You could try an orange or electric blue bag.

4. Bold lipstick

This is the thing about bold lipsticks- they are game-changers. Just apply a shade of bright fuchsia or fire-engine red and that’s the whole makeup routine you’ll need if you’re going out during the day. If you’re choosing to wear oversized sunglasses on a ‘no- concealer day’, add a bold lipstick to the mix. Your look is ready!

5. Go all black

Black is the lazy person’s best choice. It doesn’t need an expert to tell you how to wear black. Put black on black and look classy, and mysterious.

Even comfort wears look classy when they come in black. You could put on loose jammies, and in all black, you would look like a high-end fashionista. Comfort plus fashion? Check.

6. Bright scarves

Don’t want to get stuck in a difficult dress with unmanageable accessories on a festive event? Bright scarves are here to your rescue. With a miniscule effort with bright scarves, you can get a ’50s glamour look.

7. Buy separates in block colour

Putting together an outfit is too much effort when matching separates are the current hot trends. It doesn’t require the mental exercise of choosing the right colours to match, and makes you look pulled together.(ANI)