Laxman says youths committing suicides due to joblessness

Telangana State BJP president and MLA Dr K Laxman today expressed concern over the youths committing suicides even after achieving separate State

Telangana State was achieved after the youths and students sacrificed their lives. But now they are taking to the extreme step for lack of jobs, he said in the Assembly while talking on problems of the unemployed youth. Stating that the youths were facing severe problems for want of jobs, the BJP MLA said students actively participated in the Telangana State movement thinking that their future will be bright and they will get jobs.

Laxman said some 50,000 government employees retired during last three-and-a-half years, but the vacant posts remained unfilled due to government’s apathy. He also said that due to faulty policies of the government 4,372 schools, 700 degree colleges and 200 engineering colleges have been closed rendering those who worked in these educational institutions jobless, he alleged. (NSS)