Laxman resents Srihari charge against Centre

Telangana BJP president Dr K Laxman today condemned the statement of Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari that the Centre was not cooperating with the State in education sector.

Speaking to media at State party office here on Wednesday, Laxman termed the statement of Srihari, who also holds Education portfolio, as “devil quoting Vedas”. The TRS government did nothing for improvement of education though the ruling party had made promises before the elections, he alleged. The comment of Srihari was nothing but to cover up his failures being an Education minister, the BJP chief said, adding the literacy rate in rural areas was very low in the State.

Laxman said he recently visited Gadwal district where literacy rate of one of the mandal Gataku was registered 20 per cent which is very low. Lamenting the Education policy of the TRS government, he said though the TRS government claimed that the State was first in the country in opening number of Gurukul schools, the number of students in government schools are decreasing rapidly due to rationalisation of schools as poor students were unable to go to school situated far away after merger, Laxman alleged.

The BJP chief also accused the State government of not taking proper action for regularization of fees in private schools and colleges. (NSS)