Lawyers, cops pose for selfie with murderer of blasphemy accused

Islamabad (Pakistan): An image of the Peshawar Police, Elite Force squad posing for a group selfie with Faisal also known as Khalid, who last week killed American citizen Tahir Ahmad Naseem inside Pakistan’s courtroom has gone viral on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Human rights activist Gulalai Ismail wrote, “After lawyers taking selfies with the murderer of Tahir Ahmed Naseem, Peshawar police (Elite Force) also joined the bandwagon of making a celebrity out of a criminal involved in a first-degree murder over alleged blasphemy.”

Source: Twitter/Gulalai Ismail

“Many people believe that the murderer Faisal (Khalid) was either handed over the gun by police in courtroom or police helped him take gun inside the court. It’s disappointing to see intolerance and violent religious extremism seeped into every institution of Pakistan”

Ismail wrote.

Ismail hopes that the court can do an independent investigation of the murder and the circumstances, in which Tahir Naseem was killed.

“It was no doubt a pre-meditated murder,” she added.

Tahir Ahmad Naseem, from the minority Ahmadi community, was shot dead in a courtroom in Peshawar on July 30. He was on trial for blasphemy.

The young assailant, identified as Khalid Khan who managed to get into the court amid tight security was arrested later.

Naseem was arrested two years ago on blasphemy charges.

Ahmadis, a four million-strong minority group in Pakistan, have faced death, threats, intimidation and a sustained hate campaign for decades.

Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy law carries an automatic death penalty for anyone convicted of insulting God, Islam or other religious figures.

Many members of the minority communities in Pakistan — the Ahmadis, Hindus, Christians and Sikhs were charged with blasphemy law.