Lawsuit filed against Saudi crown prince in France

Paris: A Yemeni human rights group has filed a lawsuit against Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. The group accused him of complicity in torture in their country. The criminal lawsuit claims that Bin Salman knowingly targeted civilians and the “massive and indiscriminate attacks” against civilians in Yemen represented torture as defined by the United Nations’ committee against torture, as they caused “pain and widespread suffering” among the country’s people. The lawsuit was filed in a Paris court by a French lawyer representing the Legal Center for Rights and Development during Mohammed bin Salman’s official visit to Paris.

According to Joseph Breham, one of the lawyers involved, French courts had “universal jurisdiction” to investigate the case since the lawsuit was filed on Monday while the prince was on French soil. However, he acknowledged that Mohammed Bin Salman could not be arrested by French authorities because of his diplomatic immunity.

On the other hand the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir has termed the lawsuit as ridiculous. He told it was Houthis who are to be blamed and must face the lawsuit, as they stole humanitarian aid, used human shields and reneged on peace agreements.