Law Commission backs simultaneous elections proposal

New Delhi: Favouring the idea of holding simultaneous elections, the Law Commission in its draft report to the Central government recommended amendments in the Constitution and the electoral law to hold polls collectively for the House of the People and the State Legislative Assemblies.

The report said, the “Commission has ensured that amendments to the Constitution and other statutes are kept to the barest minimum. Thus, Commission recommends holding of simultaneous elections to House of the People and the State Legislative Assemblies.”

The Law Commission in its report to the government has stated that it is aware of the fact that holding simultaneous elections is not possible within the existing framework of the Constitution and suggested certain inevitable constitutional amendments.

Earlier, on August 13, Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah had written to Law Commission chairman BS Chauhan batting for One Nation One Election system.

Shah, in his letter, emphasised that with multiple elections happening throughout the year, the Model Code of Conduct impedes the government’s developmental work.

He further cited examples of Indonesia, Sweden, South Africa, Belgium and Italy where simultaneous elections have proved to be successful.