Lavish Nikah ceremonies continue despite campaigns

Despite various campaigns against extravagance in Nikah ceremonies, there seems to be no decline in lavish Nikah ceremonies. In Hyderabad city lakhs of rupees are spent to serve sumptuous dinner on the occasion of Nikah; whopping amount is spent on stage decoration. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said ‘the most blessed Nikah is the one in which least expenses are occurred’. Of course there are people who conduct simple Nikah in masajid but most of the ceremonies witnessed today are lavish in which lakhs of rupees are spent. After seeing these functions no one will believe that these functions are conducted by the community which claims itself to be economically backward.

Although anti-dowry campaign has evoked positive response but generally it is seen that the amount saved by not giving dowry is being spent on conducting standard wedding. This trend is having negative impact on middle class society and is making the issue of marriage complicated for them. Lakhs of rupees are being spent only on function hall.

Religious scholars, political leaders can urge people not to be extravagant in wedding parties and other expenses that have to do with weddings in general as expensive dowries and extravagance in wedding parties are things that are contrary to sharee‘ah.

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