Laverne Cox to collaborate with Beyonce

Actor Laverne Cox has revealed that she and pop diva Beyonce are working on a secret project. Cox says she cannot believe she is lucky enough to get to work with one of her idols.

“I have no idea, to be perfectly honest. Does she like, pick out her biggest fans ever and let them work with her? It’s pretty amazing,” she says.

The Orange Is The New Black actor and the singer first met during the Grammy awards earlier this year. “I met her at the Grammys for the first time earlier this year, and I thought the first time I met Beyonce I would totally start crying and freak out and I was always… Literally for years, I was like ‘I don’t wanna freak out, I wanna be like really calm,’ and I thought I would cry. But I swear to you, a sense of calm comes over you when you meet the Queen.”