The latest fad in the beauty world – Vampire Facial

London: There seems to a new fad among the beauty bloggers – Vampire Facial.

As the name suggests, the facial is considered to be a ‘diabolical’ beauty ritual, where the person is injected with their own blood for ‘wonderful’ skin.

The procedure essentially involved extracting blood from the person undergoing the facial, processing it to the plasma consisting of platelets and growth factors and then re-injecting it to the person’s face.

Vampire facial, or PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma), is believed to initiate a healing response in the skin with the help of platelets and growth factors, hence rejuvenating the skin.

While some people swear by the ‘wonderous’ effects, some people consider it to be taking the beauty too far.

Believed to be quite painful, the facial gained a huge of prominece after it was featured on the reality show ‘Kim and Kourtney Take Miami’. (ANI)