Lata Haya announces to build a masjid; here’s what she says about Azaan

The well-known poetess Lata Haya in this video slams those who want a ban on Azaan. She announces to build a masjid during his lifetime saying, ‘In Sha Allah! I will build a masjid. If it is not possible I will at least contribute to it.’

While mentioning the virtues of Azaan, she condemned those who want a ban on Azaan.

Lata Haya slams the government which says it raises voice for the rights of Muslim women but turns a blind eye towards the distress of mothers of Najeeb and Pehlu Khan.

She says that though communal harmony is the identity of India, these days some communal elements are killing innocents in the name of cow Mata, while don’t serve their own mother at home. She jokingly says the issue of the cow has become so sensitive that she gets scared to see a cow on her way.

Haya Lata is an ardent lover of Urdu and Islam. She openly says that she is impressed by Islam.