Las Vegas gunman suffered from significant money loss: Police

Las Vegas: The former accountant Stephen Paddock who last month opened fire on an open air-concert in Las Vegas on 1 October killing 59 people was suffering from money loss according to the Police sources.

According to the Police, he had “lost a significant amount of wealth” over two years prior to mass killing in the concert.

Joseph Lombardo Senior police official on Friday describing him as a narcissist and “status-driven” said his financial decline “may have a determining effect on why he decided to do what he did”.

The official said that the motive is still unclear and whether or not the money issues led Paddock to the mass killing.

“What is the reason why? We haven’t gotten that answer yet. There was something that popped his trigger or caused him to go into that direction and we have yet to determine what that is… I hope we find something in the pathology of his brain that helps us understand this” the official said.

He added, “Who knows what’s going through his psychotic mind.”

He further said the Paddock that further had access to more than 4,000 rounds of ammunition and “had the ability to do a lot more harm”.

Investigations are continuing into the matter and the Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley had told she has no connections in carrying out the massacre with her boyfriend.