Large cache of weapons found in Syria’s Daraa

Daraa [Syria]: Authorities here found a large cache of weapons – some manufactured in the US and Israel – on Tuesday, as efforts to clean the country of terrorists are underway.

The large haul, left behind by fleeing terrorists, contains a large assortment of rifles, heavy machine guns, mortar shells, and RPG rounds, grenades and a wide variety of ammunition of various calibres, according to Sputnik.
Some of the equipment was found in brand new condition in original packaging.

This is the latest hoard of weapons to be found, with authorities having uncovered a similar cache of weapons from a large warehouse here in February. A separate collection of arms was also discovered in the Quneitra governorate during the same time.

The United States recently announced that Syria had been wiped clean of terror group ISIS, as the last bastion of the Islamic State was attacked by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Syria has been ravaged by a multi-sided war since 2011, forcing thousands of Syrians to flee to other countries for refuge.