Lankan Parliament to convene as Constitutional Assembly on April 5

Colombo : Minister of Higher Education and Highways and Speaker of the House, Lakshman Kiriell, has said the Sri Lankan Parliament will for the first time convene a Constitutional Assembly on April 5.

The Constitutional Assembly was appointed for the purpose of deliberating and seeking the views and advice of the people on a new Constitution for Sri Lanka and preparing a draft of a Constitution Bill for the consideration of Parliament.

The Constitutional Assembly, which will consist of all the Members of Parliament, at its first sitting will determine the Sub-Committees that will work on the Constitution-making process and elect members to those Sub-Committees.

It will meet in the Chamber of Parliament with Speaker Karu Jayasuriya presiding over the same.

The Constitutional Assembly will also appoint a Steering Committee, consisting of the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Leader of the House, the Minister of Justice and not more than eleven other members.

The Prime Minister is at the first meeting expected to present a resolution for adoption by the Constitutional Assembly, calling upon the Steering Committee to present a resolution proposing a Draft Constitution Bill for the consideration of the Constitutional Assembly.

Kiriella said the proceedings of the Constitutional Assembly will be opened to the media to ensure transparency. (ANI)