Lankan National Police Commission receives over 1000 complaints from public

Colombo : Since its inception in October 2015, the National Police Commission (NPC) of Sri Lanka has received about 1,000 complaints against police officers or the police service from the from the general public.

The NPC has been able to complete investigations of only 200 complaints, reports the Colombo Page web site.

Police Inaction, acting beyond their authority and bias are the three major category complaints received.

The NPC is empowered to engage in activities pertaining to transfers, promotions, maintaining of discipline and removal from service of all police officials other than the Inspector General of Police.

When asked why the NPC does not investigate despite some of these abuses by police officers , the official said the commission cannot launch investigations without a complaint.

In addition, the general public can lodge complaints to the Commission against police officials or the police service.(ANI)