Landslide BJP victory expected in Haryana, big win in Maha

NEW DELHI: The BJP is projected to get a landslide victory in Haryana and a big majority in alliance with the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra in the October 21 Assembly elections, according to IANS-CVoter pre-poll survey.

According to the survey, the BJP-led NDA is expected to get 182-206 seats in the 288-member Maharashtra Assembly, leaving the Congress-led UPA much behind with 72-98 seats.

Among the regions of the state, Mumbai is expected to give 30-34 seats to the NDA, Konkan 32-36 seats, Marathwada 23-27 seats, North Maharashtra 19-23, Vidarbha 37-41 and West Maharashtra 41-45 seats.

The UPA is expected to bag 0-6 seats in Mumbai region, 2-6 in Konkan, 18-22 seats in Marathwada region, 12-16 in North Maharashtra region, 16-20 in Vidarbha region and 24-28 in West Maharashtra region, the survey indicated.

In terms of vote share, the NDA is expected to get 47.3 per cent, UPA 38.5 per cent and others 14.3 per cent.

In the last Assembly elections in 2014, the BJP had got 122 seats and its ally had got 63. On the other hand, the Congress had bagged 42 seats and its coalition partner NCP had bagged 41.

The BJP had got a vote share of 31.15 per cent, the Shiv Sena 19.3 per cent and Congress 18 per cent.

In Haryana, the BJP is expected to bag 79-87 seats in the 90-member Assembly, while the Congress is projected to get only between 1 and 7.

Region wise, the BJP is expected to get 25 seats from Ahirwal, 16 from Bagar, 16 from Jatland and 26 from Kurukshetra, according to the pre-poll survey.

The Congress is expected to bag 2 seats from Ahirwal and just one from Jatland.

In terms of vote share, the BJP is expected to get 47.5 per cent, the Congress 21.4 per cent, the Jannayak Janata Party (JJP) 9.3 per cent and others 21.4 per cent.

In the last Assembly elections, the BJP had got 47 seats with a vote share of 33.2 per cent, while the INLD had got 19 seats with a vote share of 24.1 per cent and Congress 15 seats with a vote share of 20.6 per cent.

The results of the upcoming Assembly elections will be announced on October 24.

The survey was conducted from September 16 to October 16.