Land survey: Wakf lands would be protected at any cost – Mahmood Ali

Hyderabad: Dy. CM and Minister-in-charge of Revenue, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali expressed his determination that as a Muslim Dy. CM and Revenue Minister, he would protect wakf lands at any cost. When there is a Muslim Dy. CM in the cabinet, Muslims should not have any apprehensions.

Mr. Mahmood Ali told that he has already issued instructions to all the district collectors to review all the wakf lands intensively and avoid accepting the claims of illegal possessors of wakf lands. Even if a person is illegally in possessions of wakf lands for the past 100 years, the question of accepting him as the owner does not arise. He pointed out that some persons are making an attempt to get ownership certificates under the pretext of the latest survey. He assured that the revenue officials will not accept any such claim. He further told that CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR himself is interested in protecting wakf lands and he has expressed his desire to the collectors to ensure the protection of wakf lands. Mr. Mahmood Ali said that he has been in contact with the district collectors from time to time to elicit information about wakf lands.

In every village, committees have been formed and to the possible extent, Muslims have been included on those committees. It is the responsibility of the local Muslims to identify wakf lands in their areas so that illegal possessors should not succeed in getting the claims of ownership registered on wakf lands in their names.

–Siasat News