Land pooling process for new Andhra Pradesh capital starts today

The land pooling process for the proposed new capital city of Andhra Pradesh coming up here will get underway from Wednesday.

This was stated here on Tuesday by N Srikanth, Special Commissioner, Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA). The Authority, chaired by the Chief Minister, has been formed to oversee construction of the new capital and develop necessary infrastructure in the region.

Srikanth interacted with revenue officers at a meeting, where they were trained to handle paper work related to the pooling process with farmers.

He said the farmers willing to relinquish their lands for the new city will have to submit a consent letter along with photocopies of their property’s title deed.

The senior officer said 27 teams, consisting of personnel from Revenue Department, have been constituted to undertake the exercise.

Srikanth made it clear that no coercive method or force will be used against agriculturists, who are unwilling to part with their lands for the mega project.

Early this month, the Andhra Pradesh Government unveiled the policy to secure about 30,000 acres of land to construct a greenfield, riverfront capital city on the southern side of Krishna river in the district.

Under the policy, farmers owning dry land would be given 1,000 square yards of residential plot and 200 square yards of commercial plot as compensation for every acre given to the Government.

Owners of wet land would be given 1,000 square yards of residential land and 300 square yards of commercial plots in the proposed zone.

Besides, owners of dry land would be paid Rs 30,000 per annum as compensation for ten years, with a 10 per cent hike every year. Those owning wet lands would get Rs 50,000 as well as a 10 percent hike per annum.