Land of Masjid Chiyunti Shah restored, pattas cancelled

16 pattas allotting Waqf land belonging to Masjid ‘Chiyunti Shah’ have been cancelled. In this connection RDO issued orders on December 10. Thus 1372 sqmts. Waqf land attached to Masjid Chiyunti Shah in Osmanpura has been protected.

Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali had directed District Collector in this connection. It must be recalled that declaring the Waqf property as poramboke land (government land) patta certificates were issued on May 23, 2015 to poor families. 19 people had submitted applications and Charminar Tahsildar issued pattas to 16 people. Masjid committee had made representation with Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali.

Mr. Mahmood Ali inspected the graveyard land and directed the District Collector to cancel pattas immediately. Following which Revenue officers inspected the land along with Waqf Board officials and after reviewing the Waqf records accepted that the land is Waqf. Collector Hyderabad sent a letter to Revenue Divisional Officer on December 3, and directed to cancel the pattas. Acting upon that RDO issued orders of cancellation of pattas on December 10.

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