Land grabbers create hurdles in construction of ‘Qabaristan’ wall in Sangareddy

Hyderabad: The Telangana Waqf Board needs to pay immediate attention to safeguard the lands of Muslim Qabristan in Sangaredy district’s Janaram Mandal.

There are many acres of lands under the Qabristan which is listed under Auqaf properties vide Serial Number 17933 of AP Gazettee No.46-A.

However, some land grabbers are eyeing these vacant lands of the Qabristan. The Waqf Board has permitted the caretaker of this Qabaristan to set up a boundary wall to safeguard these lands. But these land gabbers are creating hurdles in the construction of the boundry wall.

They started using the vacant Qabristan lands as throughfare and with their political connection succeeded in constructing a new road across these lands. This is a conspiracy to grab Qabristan lands.

Apart from the graveyard, a religious school was set up on one acre of land. There is a mosque nearby.

The Waqf Board had instructed the concerned inspector auditor to submit a report. But it is alleged that the said inspector has no interest in safeguarding the Waqf lands.

The local anti social elements want to grab the whole Qabristan land. Recently, some graves were levelled to the ground.

The local people appealed to the Chairman of Waqf Board and its Chief Executive Officer to direct the District Collector and SP to safeguard the graveyard lands and prevent the anti social elements from creating hurdles in the construction of the graveyard’s boundry wall.