Land of Gorakhnath Matt, where Yogi Adityanath is head priest, was donated by Nawab Asifuddaula: Vinod Dua on ‘Jan Gan Man Ki Baat’

Vinod Dua in his show ‘Jan Gan Man Ki Baat’ came down heavily upon UP government for not featuring Taj Mahal in the tourism booklet issued earlier this month. ‘If Taj Mahal is not the symbol of Indian culture, is it the symbol of Russian culture?’ he questioned sarcastically.

He further added that be they Mughals or Lodhis, they dwelled in India. At the time of Shahjahan the GDP of India was 24% which was the highest in the world, today it is 3.7%. He asks, ‘What is Bharatiyata, is it being a Hindu?’

He lamented that Taj Mahal was not included in the tourist spots’ list despite it being the 7th wonder of the world and earning the maximum income for UP government and India. He says, not only Taj Mahal but the name of Bada Imam Bada of Lucknow has also not been included. Bada Imam Bada was built by Asifuddaula. Yogi Adityanath is the head priest of Gorakhpur Gorakhnath Matt. The land of Gorakhnath Mandir was donated by Nawab Asifuddaula.

Dua says that the tourism list has been prepared with the mindset that Hindu monuments are only Indian. Shamelessly it has been tried to create gulf between the communities. This should not be accepted.

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