Lalu’s sons ready for the big league

RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s sons and first- time MLAs Tejashwi and Tej Pratap are ready for the big league, saying they are open to playing a role in the new government if the alliance wants even as they steered clear of the issue of who will become their father’s political heir.

“This is not the time to predict. Let the mahagathbandhan top leaders decide on the formation of the government. Whatever responsibility I have got, I did it very well… Whatever mandate we have got, I worked very hard for it. Whatever responsibility they will give me, I will take it,” Tejashwi told a news channel, when asked if he was ready to take up a ministerial responsibility.

Asked if there was any competition between the two brothers, he said, “There is no competition. Whoever becomes deputy chief minister or minister, the main agenda is development. Our concentration would be on development of Bihari people and Bihar. We want to see Bihar as modern.”

His younger brother, Tej Pratap said, “It is in the hands of the public. We cannot say no to public. Whatever responsibility the public gives, we will fulfil. Public is king, I am only a servant.”

“If public makes you, I will become. But, it is not that I am craving for some position. I am not the one who would run after any post…That I want this. Wherever the public will make me sit, I will sit there,” he said.

Asked if he was ready to become a minister, he said, “Yes, if public has elected, wherever it has placed me, on whatever post, we will work to help redress public grievances.”

He denied there was any competition between the two brothers and ducked questions on who among the two will be Lalu’s successor merely saying, “All are there. All are doing their work and will resolve public issues.”

While Lalu’s elder son Tej Pratap won from the Mahua constituency by a margin of 28,155 votes, his younger son Tejashwi won the Raghopur assembly seat by a margin of 22,733 votes.