Lalu comes in support of Nitish in ‘DNA’ spat with BJP

Patna: Amidst spat between Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and NDA leaders over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘DNA’ comment on Kumar, RJD president Lalu Prasad Yadav today came in support of the Bihar CM.

“Gujarati bosses of BJP don’t have credentials to lambast DNA and genes of the descendants of Gautam Buddha, Karna, Bimbisar, Ashoka and Chanakya,” the RJD chief said in his Twitter handle.

“Deploring DNA of elected Bihar CM is akin to insulting all Biharis. Appalled that no Bihar BJP leader felt offended by their Gujarati Boss,” he said.

“A PM ought to be a statesman and must desist from making statements which denigrates forefathers of a particular culture and state,” Yadav said.

The RJD chief’s wife and former chief minister, Rabri Devi, also came in favour of Kumar and asked the PM to tender an apology to the people of Bihar for his remarks.

“The DNA comment tantamounts to a slap or a cuss word and for this, the PM should seek apology to the people of Bihar,” Rabri Devi told reporters outside Legislative Council.

She also refused to buy BJP’s argument that the comment was only aimed at Kumar.

“The comment on DNA of a Chief Minister is like a cuss word for entire citizens of the state,” Rabri Devi said.