Lakshmi Manchu tweets in support of Palestine

Hyderabad: Actress Lakshmi Manchu who is known to be an opinionated and a very vocal person from the Telugu film industry, has now lent her voice in solidarity with Palestine.

Manchu took to her Twitter and posted a picture depicting the oppression that Palestine has been facing by Israel. She wrote, ” Just so you get a perspective. #freepalastine

Earlier, actor Kangana Ranaut had voiced her opinion on the same issue, however, the actress had taken Israel’s side in the whole incident and claimed that #IndiasstandswithIsrael.

Kangana wrote, “In the fight against radical terrorism India stands with Israrel”

Last week, Israeli armed forces stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Haram esh-Sharif in Jerusalem, ahead of a march by Zionist nationalists commemorating Israel’s capture of the eastern half of the city in 1967.

More than 300 Palestinians were injured in the raid. In retaliation, Hamas, the Islamist militant group that runs Gaza, fired dozens of rockets. The Israelis launched an airstrike on Gaza in response, killing at least 21 Palestinians, including nine children.

Tensions have been building up since the start of Ramzan in mid-April when Israeli police set up barricades at the Damascus Gate outside the occupied Old City, preventing Palestinians from gathering there. As clashes erupted, the police removed the barricades, but tensions were already high.