Lakshmi Manchu starts series on dealing with kids during Covid

Hyderabad: Actress Lakshmi Manchu has started a four-part series titled “Unlocking Positive Childhood Experience”. The series aims at providing solution to parents on how to deal with children affected by the pandemic.

The series brings forth cases about mothers and children who have battled the virus. An episode will throw light on discussions with children around the subject, with the help of a therapist.

“There is a lot of information that is floating around but very little catering specifically to kids. As a mother, I had a lot of questions and concerns and I thought we should curate something during this pandemic to enlighten parents on how to take care of their kids on how to take care of their children if they after effected by Covid-19 in any way,” Lakshmi told IANS.

Lakshmi Manchu eventually narrowed down on four topics, which according to her will have a strong relatability quotient.

“It was very difficult to narrow down on how many episodes.narro but then I was thinking about what are the most commonly asked questions. ‘What if we get covid?’ Then we have mothers and kids who are covid survivors. There is a nutritionist from Hong Kong who will specifically cater to babies and toddlers, besides a therapist to understand what grieving is and how to talk to children and what are the words to use. Then I thought it would be fun to have some yoga where mothers can partner with their children,” Lakshmi Manchu said.

Lakshmi, who has her own YouTube channel, added: “My takeaway from this is that one needs to have patience and to know that our children are more resilient than we think they are. We should not rub our fears on to them.”