Lakshmi Manchu: Our fear of pandemic gets instilled in our children

Hyderabad:┬áTelugu actress Lakshmi Manchu, whose YouTube series “Chitti Chilakamma” on parenting has been getting good response, says amid the latest Covid surge, parents need to be aware that their fear of the pandemic can affect their children, too.

Mother of six-year-old daughter Nirwana, Lakshmi feels it is important to have a healthy dialogue with children around what is happening.

“There is more need for content like this because we are clueless. Right now we are so scared because of the pandemic, and that fear is being instilled in our children, ” Lakshmi tells IANS. 

She says the effort on her show is to source content that helps, in this context. “Looking at content where we can do activities and how to really address our children’s problems gives us more tools and power to handle our children, ” she says.

The actress often brings her daughter on the show, especially if there is a fitness episode. “I believe that at times like this when kids are so glued to their phones, iPads and the television, it is important to encourage physical activities with our kids and let it be very simple. That is why I like brining Nirvana at my workout sessions — not that she does the entire session, but sometimes she likes to do certain workouts that she finds difficult or maybe she likes to show off how well she can stretch. All of this is encouragement for them to move and not be stuck in one place,” says Lakshmi.