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Lakshmi: Acid attack girl now Fashion icon

Lakshmi: Acid attack girl now Fashion icon

IMPERFECTION WELCOMED: ‘VIVA N DIVA’ fashion brand embrace acid attack survivor’s flaws, makes LAXMI‘The Brand Ambassador’.A diamond with cuts shines more brightly than a perfect pebble.

With a humanitarian move, in a world full of fashionista’s who get dolled up beautifully ‘Viva N Diva’ challenged the standards of the fashion world by signing laxmi, an acid attack survivor as their brand ambassador .

This fashion brand definitely proved how and why the definition of beauty is much more than a flawless skin, a perfect figure and physical perfections.

Contradicting the stereotypes of fashion world, Viva N Diva not only gave a new definition to the word “attractive” but also replaced the label ‘acid attack

VICTIM’ by ‘acid attack SURVIVOR’.

Focusing on the fact that their campaign doesn’t look like a form of charity for acid attack survivors Viva N Diva made sure that Laxmi gets equal reatment as a regular model in terms of payment, profit sharing as well as shooting

Ayushi Rastogi of Viva N Diva said “For a moment, we saw beauty in a very different way and all that we could think of was to capture it in a way that gave it meaning”

At the age of 15, Laxmi faced this ruthless incident, after which she underwent several surgeries and fought the battle with a fighter’s spirit. Happily married Laxmi is now blessed with a cute and beautiful daughter.

Speaking to Hindustan Times Laxmi said, “Such initiatives change mindset. I have personally experienced it when I got my first anchoring assignment. When we walked the ramp during a programme organised by Hindustan

Times in Lucknow, people supported us. I am sure this initiative will also bring about a positive change” While appreciating the move Laxmi added, “People often laugh at our looks. Children get scared and call us ghosts. When such initiatives are undertaken, they make people understand that we, too, are like regular women. Although our faces have been ruined, beauty still lies within us.”

Beauty and Purity of heart thus prevailed the beauty of face once again.