Lake police prevent man from jumping into lake

The Hussainsagar police today rescued a man from committing suicide by drowning in the lake. The man was identified as Zubair, 23, of Bolakpur under Musheerabad here.
The victim, who is in scrap business, had taken a hand loan of Rs 2 lakh from a friend on a condition that he would repay it in one year. After expiry of one year, three days back, he was asked to repay the money. As Zubair’s business was in losses and was not able to return the amount, went into depression and decided to end his life by drowning in Hussain Sagar. Accordingly, he came to tank bund near the People’s Plaza and tried to dive into the water to commit suicide. However, the Lake patrol police noticed him moving under suspicious manner and rushed to the stop and preventing him from jumping into the Lake.
Lake Inspector K. Sreedevi counselled him and handed him over to his parents. (NSS)