Lakdi ka pul gets its signature sculpture

Author: Mohammed Hussain

Hyderabad: Once a traffic police booth and parking place, the space after the Lakdi ka pul Bridge has turned into a most creative piece of artist’s imagination. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation constructs a sculpture of Lakdi ka pul as part of the city beautification.

The area got its name from a bridge that was made of wooden blocks during Nizam’s period. Lakdi ka means “made of wood” and Pul means “bridge” in Hindi and Urdu. 

By noticing the name and its popularity the GHMC have constructed a signature sculpture bridge which shows the well-known Lakdikapul. Soon will be a new landmark and signature for Lakdikapul.

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According to Urban Biodiversity Wing of GHMC Khairatabad Zone, The Lakdi ka pul which witnesses’ heavy traffic will get a new look with the installation of a sculpture of a Lakdi ka pul and vertical garden, a modern arts sculpture of human and beautiful butterflies have been attached to the bridge, “Also it will be a pleasant change to the commuters and locals, from the earlier,” Officials added.

Mr. Rajesh from AMAR, fibre company stakeholder and contractor who had made the bridge speaking to said, “The Bridge has been constructed with a concept of remaining Hyderabad’s Lakdi ka pul name, adding to it a sculpture is made, “soon it’s going to be a new selfie point” He added.   

While informing about the construction details of the bridge s Mr. Rajesh told that the height of each pillar is 8 feet, 1 feet width, Railing is of 1.2 meter, and 14 meter Length, around 35 workers were involved in constructing the entire bridge which is made by FRP (fibre) which will remain till decades, all we need to do is paint.

 Officials say that the open space is being decorated with the shade and saplings, exclusive pathway for walkers and colorful illumination. They believe it may attract tourists because hundreds of tourist buses drop their passengers from other states at Lakdi ka pul circle.   

Mohd Muqtar a shop owner near the Lakdi ka pul circle said, “As there are many hotels and shops near the circle, the vacant space was being used for parking vehicles.”