Lady Gaga opens up about her new album ‘Joanne’

Los Angeles: Popstar Lady Gaga says her forthcoming fifth studio album “Joanne” has a personal connection to her.

The 30-year-old singer dedicated the album to her aunt, Joanne Germanotta, who died when Gaga was only 19, reported Entertainment Tonight.

While talking about the album, the singer said, “I believe everybody has a Joanne in their life. Everybody has someone they’ve either lost or is a pending loss.

“In this world, we’re all trying to keep up, put a perfect image out of who we are. I’m not sure I’d go into detail about it, but Joanne gave me strength to live the rest of the life she didn’t get to have,” she said.

The first track from the album, “Perfect Illusion”, was unveiled last month and she is keen that the whole album cycle will see people talking about her music and not her outfits.

“It becomes about everything else, and that was what I (once) wanted. But if I wear a black T-shirt and black pants every day, (people) might listen to what I write,” she said.