UP: Lady constable provides free education to children

Bulandshahr: With an aim to provide quality education to many unprivileged children, lady police constable, Guddan Choudhary runs special classes on footpaths and streets after her duty-hours, in order to provide free education to poor children in Khurja, Bulandshahr District.

“I used to teach many unprivileged children even before I was posted to Khurja as a constable. I have been teaching these children here, since three or four months now. I believe that some children, who are deprived of education due to poverty, deserve equal progress. We all should take out a few hours from our mundane life in order to teach the children who come from low-income families,” Guddan told ANI.

Guddan is popularly known as ‘Police wali madam’ (lady police officer) among the children in her district. Many unprivileged children in Khurja have now started feeling privileged enough after getting access to free and good education.

“I devote a few hours after my duty hours, in order to impart knowledge to the children who are unable to afford a good education. Currently, I am seeking for their admission in a government school, I am urging the school principal to admit these children in her school and give them access to education,” she added.

Guddan spends 30 per cent to 40 per cent of her income on buying textbooks, pens, pencils and other stationary material required for the education of these children. Currently, she has applied for Adhaar cards for these children, which is the primary step to get admission in a government school.

“We are too poor to provide good education to our children; police wali madam is doing so much for all of us. She is trying her best for the admission of these children. Hopefully, our children will be studying in a government school soon,” a parent, Asha Devi told ANI.

Guddan was posted in Kotwali Police Station, Khurja in 2016. She has been teaching many needy children for many years now. She believes that the darkness of ignorance should be banished and the sun of education should rise in the lives of these poor children.