Ladakh inspiring young girls into sports

Ladakh [Jammu and Kashmir]: In order to boost the sporting spirit among the young girls of state in particular, the Ladakh Women Ice Hockey Foundation (LWIHF) has organised a training camp of ice skating and ice hockey in the Guphuks Pounds near Spituk Village of the region.

As a part of their programme, free coaching is being provided to them, from January 1 to January 11.

Reflecting on the same, Stanzin Zangmo, who is a member of Ladakh woman Ice hockey foundation, said that they have organised training camp, especially for girls, so that they can come forward and shine in sports.

“The Ladakh Women Ice Hockey Foundation (LWIHF) has organised coaching for girls here in Guphuks Pounds. The training will be held from January 1 to January 11. The training has been conducted especially for girls. It will help in motivating the girls to come forward and engage in sports, so that, there is no difference between the boys and girls. This camp shows that boys and girls can be at the same level. There are very few girls in Ladakh who come forward and engage in skating. By this training camp, we want to covey girls that they too can raise in the sport,” Zangmo said.

Rinchen Dolma, another member of the foundation, echoed similar views and said that she hopes to see these students participating in the national and international level.

“I am a member of LWIHF. I am giving training to basic as well as advanced students. Around 108 participants have come here-from four years to below 18. We are giving training, especially to the girls so that they do something in future. Earlier, we were facing problems because of lack of equipments. But, we decided to form this foundation so that the coming generation do not face such kind of problems. We hope that these participants may have a bright future and that they get chance to participate in national and international level,” Dolma said.

LWIHF, who is said to be giving training to 110 young girls from different parts of Ladakh, is providing equipment and skates free of cost to the participants.

It should be noted that the women player playing for different clubs inLeh formed Ladakh Women’s Ice Hockey Foundation (LWIHF) in 2015 to promote and provide platform for women players of Ladakh.(ANI)