Kyocera develops robust FPC/FFC connector with 0.5mm pitch

Kyodo [Japan]: Kyocera Connector Products Corporation recently announced that it has developed a 0.5mm-pitch flexible printed circuit / flexible flat cable (FPC/FFC) connector with a suite of features to enhance productivity in robust assembly operations.

The new 6811-Series has already gone on sale.

Mobile phones and related devices have created rising demand for smaller, thinner FPC/FFC connectors. These connectors require delicate handling in the assembly process and may be damaged by improper insertion or unintentional manual contacts with certain parts. Kyocera’s highly robust 6809 Series electronic connectors, introduced in 2014, were designed with this challenge in mind and have performed well.

Kyocera’s newly developed 6811 Series follows the same concept, but has been enhanced with even more robust features. It has a pitch of 0.5mm, profile height of 1.28mm, and is available in 4 to 16 pins. The 6811 Series connector features bottom contacts, a front locking mechanism, and connects applicable FPC/FFC with a thickness of 0.3mm.

Despite its space-saving profile and low pin counts, robustness has been enhanced with metal brackets which prevent cables from being lifted up out of the connector. In addition, the 6811 helps increase assembly efficiency by using tabbed FPC/FFC, preventing contact misalignment from oblique or shallow insertions and enabling visual confirmation of correct insertion.

The product’s main features are as follows:

.Product Name 6811 Series FPC/FFC Connector

1. Saves space: The new connector saves space with its low pitch of 0.5mm and profile height of 1.28mm.

2. Robust design prevents unlocking and connector breakage: From FPC/FFC being lifted unintentionally strong metal brackets prevent actuators from being unlocked and minimize connector breakage from unintentional lifting of mated FPC/FFC during the assembly process.

3. Prevents misaligned contacts and incomplete mating: Use of FPC/FFC with tabbed cables prevents contact misalignment from oblique or shallow insertions, and enables visual confirmation of proper mating conditions.

4. Reduces damage from errors in actuator operation: Robust structure that prevents damage from moving the actuator in the wrong direction or inserting FPC/FFC too forcibly.

5. Enables FPC/FFC to be fixed with actuator locks: Actuator that locks FPC/FFC with tabbed cables ensures reliable connection even if the FPC/FFC is pulled forcibly, minimizing or eliminating the likelihood of deforming the contacts or connector structure.

6. Packaged in tape and reel (4,000pieces/reel)

7. RoHS compliant and halogen-free

8. Specifications: No. of Pins 4 to 16 FPC/FFC Thickness 0.3±0.03mm

Pitch 0.5mm Rated Current DC 0.5A/Contact

Height 1.28mm Rated Voltage DC 50V/Contact

Width 4.79mm Materials Copper alloy /Heat resistant plastic

Locking Type Front lock Operating Temperature

Range -40 to +85? (ANI)