Kyocera develops one of world’s fastest recirculating inkjet printheads

Tokyo, Sept.28 : Kyocera Corporation announced recently that it has developed a new 360-dot-per-inch (dpi) inkjet printhead – a key component of industrial inkjet printing equipment – which sets a new world speed record in its class, printing 50 meters per minute using 84-picoliter (pl) droplets.

Marketed as Kyocera KJ4C-0360, it will be available from October this year.

Uses for the new Kyocera print head include the ability to print onto ceramic tiles in full color with designs and patterns.

In the future, Kyocera aims to expand the product’s applications into textile printing, such as carpeting and apparel fabric; and medical printing, such as on pharmaceutical tablets.

Inkjet printing is a simple-process digital printing technology that enables plate-less printing without contact on the print media. (ANI)