Kyocera develops electric vehicles based on co-operation with startup company

Kyoto: With the vast popularity of electric cars, more and more manufacturers are beginning to produce electric cars.

Kyocera Corporation, a Japanese multinational ceramic and electronics manufacturer originally from Kyoto, has been challenging today’s competitive automobile market together with GLM Corporation, an electric carmaker also from Kyoto.

This is “Tommy Kaira ZZ”, a concept car co-developed by Kyocera and GLM.

The car was originally introduced to the market in the 90s by “Tommy Kaira” and freshly converted into safety-conscious electric sports car by Kyocera.

The car is equipped with a line of latest devices and systems such as a rearview camera with an AI-based image recognition system, sensors for advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS), and an LCD screen for heads-up display (HUD) units.

As is the case for electric vehicle, it is certainly ecological with zero CO2 emission which meets Kyocera’s high awareness of the environment.

“This is the cutout model of electronic rear mirror. Two cameras are installed inside this cover. The first one here is to project on the rear. And this one below is a part of surrounding cameras to project the surround view,” said Yashushi Nakajima, Official, Kyocera.

Emotion, excitement, and ecology are the trinity of theme for this concept car.

Its wild yet minimalist design aims to express its emotion with its streamlined functionality.
Kyocera is now exerting its long-cultivated knowledge of manufacturing into innovations of automotive technology.

“The thing we realized after this project is that making of these devices and car installation of them were completely two different things. So we went through a series of trials and errors but particularly for our young engineers, it was a great opportunity to learn and also to experience the sincere joy and fulfillment of craftsmanship. Sometimes we would even forget about eating or sleeping,” said Masahiro Inagaki, Kyocera.

The fundamental spirit of Japanese craftsmanship seems to remain the same even in this digital era.

This safety-oriented electric sports car will certainly attract much attention all over the world. (ANI)