Kyocera boosts toner recycling programme across Europe

Tokyo: Document Solutions, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, has announced a unified toner recycling programme across Europe in partnership with LPR who will provide collection and thermal recycling for all toner cassettes.

Kyocera’s long-life components are designed to minimise waste and provide a low-cost printing solution for its customers.

Kyocera has maintained its strong heritage by promoting environmental responsibility throughout the product life cycle, from raw materials to logistics and packaging.

The company is a leader in reducing waste and landfill, winning the ‘Good Packaging Award’ from The Japanese Institute of Packaging Materials, who recognised the environmental sustainability of Kyocera’s polystyrene-free packaging.

Materials used in all KYOCERA products are carefully considered; for example, the KYOCERA toner cassette is predominately made with no metal parts, using a bromine-free plastic resin which releases fewer toxins, such as Dioxin, into the atmosphere when incinerated.

Takahiro Sato, President of KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V. expressed his enthusiasm about the new scheme.

“Focused effort on collecting and recycling toner cassettes forms part of Kyocera’s environmental vision, enabling customers to benefit from technology without ignoring environmental impact.

Recycling already exists across most of Europe, but our new consolidated approach means that more recycling can be done. We hope to increase the toner recycling rate by 64 percent in the first year alone.” How it works Kyocera has launched a free-of-charge, direct collection scheme for all customers.

An easy-to-use unified online platform enables recycling of single toner cassettes via postal services or box collection for larger business partners. The new partnership has a progressive feel about it and Ronald Frankfoorder, General Manager General Affairs, confirmed positive intentions; “LPR allow us to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ offering across Europe.

Free on-demand service and routine use of local logistics ensure the product is recycled as efficiently as possible. After the successful implementation of a standard process for thermal recycling across Takahiro Sato (left), President of KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe BV, and Michael Bonnes, CEO at LPR GmbH (right), signing the European Toner Take-Back Programme contract. (ANI)