Kylie Jenner denies being in Terror Jr band

Los Angeles: Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has denied being a part of US band Terror Jr.

Some of her fans speculated that Kylie had recorded a song with Terror Jr. She later took to Snapchat to shut down the rumours, and even took a dig at the band, reports

“So public announcement: I’m not the singer of Terror Junior or whatever, I love their music but for those wondering it’s not me guys… it’s not me,” she told her followers.

“So yeah, I don’t know if the band are trying to get attention of what’s going on, but it’s not me.”

Kylie, 19, added: “I don’t read articles or blogs or anything but my mom just asked me if I was part of this Terror Jr band, and I’m like, is this that serious? And I checked my tweets and I’m getting loads about it.”

The speculation started after the band’s song “3 strikes” appeared on one of Kylie’s advertorials, and she appeared in the music video for the same track, starring as a kind of sassy getaway driver for the band’s armed robbery.

One skilled fan then mocked up an image, showing Kylie as “lead vocals” for the group and it was tweeted at her.

She replied by saying that the image was “wild”, but reiterated that she is no musician.