KWK: Shahid Kapoor’s love for Ishaan Khatter is unmissable!

New Delhi: Shahid Kapoor is many things– a good actor, a loving husband, and a doting father. But the latest episode of the popular talk show ‘Koffee with Karan’ showed a new side of Shahid– that of a protective elder brother.

The recent episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’ saw B-town’s favourite sibling duo Shahid and Ishaan Khatter gracing the couch. Shahid, who was at his candid best, was also extremely protective of Ishaan, who made his debut on the controversial talk show.

Host Karan Johar showed the brother duo a clip from his earlier episode with Janhvi Kapoor and her brother Arjun Kapoor, in which Arjun can be seen saying, “Ishaan keeps buzzing around Janhvi,” which didn’t seem to go quite well with Shahid.

Soon after watching the clip, Shahid commented “I don’t know how often Arjun is around Janhvi to know how much Ishaan is buzzing around her. I wonder. Because I mean, are they around each other a lot?”

“For him (Arjun) to have so much detail into your buzzing. Or is he assuming that? Based on the basis of how much Janhvi talks about you or that he hears about it?” he continued.

Ishaan then responded on the buzzing comment and said, “I am just generally buzzing around and some of it happens to be, sort of.” However, Shahid quickly interrupted and said, “Ishaan’s buzzing around most of the people. So Janhvi isn’t special like that. She should know this. Janhvi, he buzzes around a lot of people, and it started many years ago,”

“Janhvi, he buzzes around a lot of people and it started many years ago with his mother and with me and now you’re one of those people he buzzes around, so he’s a buzzy guy,” Shahid added.

Soon after Shahid’s retort, Ishaan was seen mouthing ‘I am sorry’ to the camera, which was probably meant for Janhvi.

Shahid also revealed on the show that he begged his mother Neelima Azim to have another child continuously for two-three years.

“I kept pestering her saying – it’s not fair, I deserve a sibling. She literally had Ishaan for me” Shahid confessed.

Meanwhile, Hotstar, the online streaming partner of KWK, which had recently pulled down the episode featuring Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul owing to their controversial and ‘sexist’ remarks, ran Shahid and Ishaan’s episode with a disclaimer saying that they “regret” hurting the sentiments of the viewers.

Also, Star World, which airs the show on television, has removed all the teasers, videos, and photos from the episode from its official social media handles.