Kuwaiti model fined after destroying ex-husband’s Rs 20K shirt

Kuwait city: A 24-year-old Kuwaiti model has been fined £6,500 (Rs 6,71,427) by a British court for allegedly harassing her ex-husband in London and cutting up his shirt, after accusing him of giving her a sexually transmittable disease (STD) from a prostitute, local media reported.

Rawan Bin Hussain, cut up ex-husband Mohammed Youssef Migariaf’s £200 (Rs 20,655) polo shirt during an argument on June 24 last year.

According to the reports published by daily mail, back then, Migariaf called the police to their flat in Hyde Park Gate and arrested Bin Hussain after finding the husband bleeding from scratches on his face.

After her release, Rawan is said to have sent him a text message on July 13 saying, “You’re disgusting, pathetic, and a pathological liar.”

It is reported that, Rawan admitted before a British court to harassing her ex-husband and cut off his clothes and banned from contacting him or his family for five years.

Accordingly she was ordered to pay a £6,500 fine (Rs 6,71,427), £500 (Rs 51,608) in prosecution costs and a £65 (Rs 6,709) victim surcharge.

It is reported that Rawan originally faced another charge of assault, but the prosecution dropped this charge.