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Kuwait, UAE says “no” to “Pokemon Go”

Kuwait, UAE says “no” to “Pokemon Go”

Kuwait: Kuwait is saying “no” to “Pokemon Go” in certain places. The emirate’s Interior Ministry issued a statement on Friday warning users for mobile phone application from taking pictures of any vital government, military or security location.

Lt. Gen. Sulaiman al-Fahad at the ministry said: “No excuses will be accepted by anyone claiming ignorance of the law.”

Pokemon Go is a free -to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic and published by The Pokémon Company.

The game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear throughout the real world.

The game quickly became one of the most used smart device apps after launching. It has attracted some controversy due to reports of causing accidents and being a public nuisance at some locations.

The ministry also warned users not to pounce on Pikachus or chase Charmanders at mosques, shopping centers, malls and oil installations.

Pokémon Go was initially released on July 6 in the United States, Australia and New Zealand and since been slowly adding more countries each day. As of Friday, Pokémon GO has now released in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal as well.

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates also have warned users to be careful while chasing digital critters in the augmented reality game.