Kuwait sends 215 MT of oxygen, 2600 oxygen cylinders to India

New Delhi: Kuwait has sent 215 metric tonne of liquid medical oxygen and 2600 oxygen cylinders to fulfil the urgent requirement of oxygen as India’s fight against COVID-19 intensities.

In a statement, the Kuwaiti embassy in New Delhi announced that the Gulf nation is committed to transporting 1400 metric tonne of Liquid Medical Oxygen soon to India.

The two Indian Navy ships, INS Kochi and INS Tabar have departed from Shuwaikh Port with a total of 100 metric tonne of liquid medical oxygen and 1400 oxygen cylinders and are expected to arrive at Mumbai on May 11.

 “As India’s fight against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) surge intensities, the initiative has been taken by the State of Kuwait continues to meet the high demand of oxygen in the country as part of collective efforts to fight the global pandemic,” the embassy said.

“As per the Government of Kuwait, this sea-bridge of medical aid will continue to operate and is committed to transporting 1400 MT of Liquid Medical oxygen soon from Kuwait to India,” the statement read.

On May 5, a commercial vessel, MV CAPT Kattelmann carried total 75 MT Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) and 100 Oxygen cylinders from Al-Shuaiba port and is expected to arrive in India on May 10.

On the same day, INS Kolkata departed carrying 40 MT Liquid Medical Oxygen in ISO cryogenic tanks, 200 oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators and other relief material from Kuwait to India with the expected arrival on May 9.

Apart from this, on May 4, 2021, a Kuwait Air force flight airlifted 40 tons of relief items from Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society to New Delhi including 282 oxygen cylinders, 60 oxygen concentrators, ventilator, medicines and other essential medical equipment.

 India is currently dealing with a devastating second COVID-19 wave that has swept through the nation, straining the country’s health infrastructure and overburdening frontline medical workers.

Several countries around the globe including UK, Russia, and the US have extended support as India continues to struggle with the increase in its health infrastructure needs caused by the rising COVID-19 infections.

The Kuwaiti embassy said that Kuwait is among the countries that are supplying a substantial amount of Liquid Medical Oxygen to meet the oxygen requirement in India.