Kuwait: Mother kept daughter’s body in bathroom for 5 years

Kuwait: In a strange case, a 60-year-old mother had kept the body of her daughter in the bathroom in their house in the Salmiya area, Kuwait, for five years, local media from the gulf country reported on Wednesday.

According to the Arabic daily Al-Anba, the Salmiya police received a report from a young man stating that a body was buried inside the bathroom in his family’s house and that the skeleton belonged to his sister.

A police patrol went to the aforementioned house, and upon inspection, the security men found a skeleton inside the closed bathroom.

It is reported that, upon investigation, the mother admitted that she had imprisoned and deprived the daughter of her liberty. The woman reportedly served food and drink to the daughter until she found her dead in 2016. As per the police, the woman was afraid to reveal the truth and inform the security authorities about the incident.

The remains of the victim were referred to forensic medicine to find out the circumstances and causes that led to the tragic death of the girl.

The mother and her son were referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office on charges of murder.