Kuwait issues gag order after raid on suspected terror cell

Kuwait City: Kuwait’s public prosecutor has issued a gag order to media on information related to a police raid that uncovered a large cache of arms, ammunition and explosives hidden deep underground at a farm.

The official Kuwait News Agency says three Kuwaitis, all members of a terrorist cell, were arrested during the raid on the farmhouse and three other houses. Police say they found 204 hand grenades, 65 guns, 56 rocket-propelled grenades and 317 pounds (144 kilograms) of bomb-making material.

Local newspapers quoting unnamed security officials linked the cell to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah group.

Public Prosecutor Dherar al-Asousi was quoted in the official Kuwait News Agency saying today that he ordered the media blackout because speculative reports “harm” national unity and could “negatively impact” the investigation.