Kuwait airport to operate at full capacity from Sunday

Kuwait: The Kuwait International Airport is ready to operate at full capacity from Sunday, according to aviation authorities.

The airport will gradually operate commercial flights of all aviation companies in accordance with the government’s decision, Xinhua news agency quoted Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Director General Yousef Al-Fawzan, as saying.

The DGCA succeeded in operating under the challenges and requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, he said, calling on airliners and passengers to abide by the Covid-19 safety restrictions needed to enter Kuwait.

The Kuwaiti government announced on Wednesday the start of the last phase of the five-phase plan for a gradual return to normal life, easing health restrictions in the country.

According to the government spokesman Tareq Al-Mezrem, the government decided to allow outdoor activities without wearing masks from Sunday.

In addition, the government will issue all types of visas for those who are fully vaccinated, Tareq Al-Mezrem said.