Kusha Kapila: Don’t think anyone famous should be overly celebrated for helping people

Mumbai: Content creator and actress Kusha Kapila has been among many public figures who have been using their social media presence to post about Covid helplines, oxygen and other amenities. Kusha feels helping others should not be made into a heroic act.

“I don’t know a single person who is not helping others. Anyone who has the bandwidth to help is helping. Creators are being unnecessary praised for this. A lot of common people who may not be famous but are successful in their respective careers are also helping. I don’t think creators or anyone famous should be overly celebrated for helping people. It’s basic humanity. Right now, any kind of help is appreciated and everybody is pitching in,” Kusha tells IANS.

She adds: “That is all that should be to it. There should not be extra articles being written about how creators are going out of their way to help. I think it’s really unnecessary and better things need to be given attention right now.”

Kusha, whose various entertainment avatars like Monday Aunty, Kavita ki Kavita amongst others leave people in splits, says her will to help people stems from her formative years.

“If I wasn’t a public figure, I would still be trying to help people. That’s just who I am. I come from a joint family, so the sense of helping each other is ingrained in us. The colony I grew up in, people always helped each other and that is the kind of world I have known,” says Kusha, who was seen in Karan Johar’s segment of the 2020 OTT horror anthology “Ghost Stories”.

Kusha will soon be seen participating in the show “LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse”, which is about a bunch of well-known comedians locked in a house, with the challenge making others laugh. The last not to laugh, wins the show.

“I just went there as a fan girl. I knew some really incredible comics are going to be inside. I wanted to fully fan girl over a bunch of really accomplished comics and people I have looked up to,” says Kusha about participating in the show, to be launched on Amazon Prime Video.