Kurt Russell latest in line to defends James Gunn

Washington: Hollywood stars are continuing to show their support for the ousted ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn, this time, being Kurt Russell’s turn.

For those unversed, James Gunn was fired from the franchise after his old tweets joking about pedophilia and rape resurfaced.

Kurt, who was also part of the ‘Guardians of galaxy’ franchise, while speaking to Variety, said that people are overreacting to Gunn’s situation.

He further said that being in the creative field, whether it is writing for movies or being a comedian, one has to be careful about the boundaries one crosses.

In July, actress Selma Blair quit Twitter in support of the director, prior to which she urged Disney to reinstate the director, who, according to her, was “one of the good ones”.

Also, the cast from the franchise which includes Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, and Zoe Saldana signed an open letter in support of Gunn.

Former Wrestler and ‘Guardians of Galaxy’ star Dave Bautista also signed Pratt’s letter defending the director after he was fired.